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How Can a Company Podcast Help My Team?

Embrace the company podcast to boost communication, build culture, and foster wellbeing for your entire team.

Growing in popularity, company podcasts, also known as internal podcasts, are making waves and changing the status quo for a wide variety of teams. Employed by world-leading brands, these high-quality productions are for your people only — just as the name suggests — and, when applied correctly, pack benefits that will positively impact not only your business but the experience of everyone on your team.

A company podcast helps to increase engagement.
A company podcast helps to build connections.

Build connections and humanity

Podcasts are uniquely human in a way that most internal communication is not — an invaluable asset when no one wants to feel like a cog in a machine.

A company podcast can help reduce your team’s screen time.

Reduce screen time

Let’s face it — screen time has been an issue for at least a decade and has only gotten worse thanks to recent changes in our society. In fact, both adults and children have experienced a screen time increase since the outbreak of COVID-19 and Canadians are now reporting up to 11 hours of screen time daily. Yikes.

Ready to employ a company podcast to benefit your team?

For a company podcast to be effective, it will have to be well-thought-out and expertly produced. A great series includes handpicked guests, exceptional storytelling, phenomenal audio, and cohesive, engaging, and powerful themes.

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