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Big Orange — The Audio Agency
We love audio. It triggers fantasy. It triggers emotion. ‘Your ears are our way in’

Big Orange zoekt een sound designer / audio engineer

Ben jij die originele sound designer en audio engineer met bizar goeie oren die ons gaat verrassen met eigenheid en overrompelende audioproducties? En ben je behalve creatief ook strak gestructureerd en sociaal handig? Dan verwelkomen we je graag in ons team!

Dat team bestaat uit 7 mensen en dat betekent volle bak aan de gang met verschillende activiteiten. Zelfstandigheid is daarom een must, eerst kijken dan zeiken! Zelf uitvinden hoe systemen werken, wie je moet hebben bij een klant, wat je referentiemateriaal wordt bij een productie en waar nou dat ene kabeltje ligt. …

3D Spatial Audio

Founder and Creative Partner, Ad van Dongen, wrote a piece on 3D Spatial Audio — an exciting technology changing the face of audio storytelling.
All brands need to pay attention.

What is it like to experience 3D Spatial Audio?

Imagine… you’re riding the subway. Behind you, two guys have a strange conversation about the dubious nature of two security guards who stand watch at City Hall. You can hear just enough disturbing words if you concentrate well. Meanwhile, two seats in front of you, a woman is having a sneezing fit. People around her, with the pandemic…

You don’t need a “hack” to grow your brand’s podcast following.

You need a clear answer to a single question:

Why should someone listen to my brand’s podcast?

So many companies that we speak with struggle to answer this question.

You can start a podcast for any reason you want:

  • To express your brand values
  • To educate customers
  • To drive website visitors
  • To increase engagement, or to have some fun

But you won’t get traction until you can explain why someone should listen.

How To Answer The Question

The answer is the same for every brand…and completely unique to your company.

Let’s start with the…

Big Orange — The Audio Agency

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